Other Standard Products

Drum Core Inductors

  • For various current ranges and sizes ranging from 6 X 8, 10 X 12, 12 X 15 etc. Can be covered with sleeves if required

E T Series Chokes

  • These feature small stray capacitances and low ripple factor. Generally used in LED power supplies

U U Inductors

  • In UU Packages for a wide variety of current ranges. We can supply them in UU 9.8, UU 12.5, UU 15 etc

Ferrite Bead Chokes

  • In different sizes depending on the inductance requirements and also different current specifications. Can be covered by sleeves if required

Toroidal Inductors

  • For all sizes from 10.5 mm to 50 mm for various current ratings.

Air Core Inductors

  • In various sizes for different current ranges. Can be wound on plastic bobbins also if desired by the customer

Other Types

  • These include ER Type, PQ Types, EP Types and many customer specific and custom design transformers